Residences designed to make the everyday extraordinary.

As time passes the realities of aging expose the downsides of home ownership and create pressure to move. But where to? For many reasons —sentimentality, resistance to change, a lack of better options —people continue living in homes that no longer suit them. 

Designed for “55 and Better” residents who are active and independent, the proposed Spinney at Ballston Lake will truly be “Home to a New Generation” in the Town of Ballston. Spinney cottages offer accessible single-story construction with all the comforts of home and none of the burdens. Charming streetscapes and craftsman-style architecture lend a neighborhood feel, while attached garages, patios and decks make you feel right at home.

But life at the Spinney is about more than a great home; it’s about forming bonds in the community and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere that permeates our clubhouse. It’s also about convenience and smart personal finances since several amenities are included, from maintenance, cable TV/internet, snow removal, trash removal, landscaping, and more, which is why the “Smart Money” is moving to the Spinney. Whether you’re stuck in a too-big old home or in a not-quite-right apartment, our caring staff will be by your side to help you and your family navigate the complicated and sometimes challenging process of “right-sizing” your life.

The Spinney Group is pleased to propose the Spinney at Ballston Lake as a valuable asset to the Town of Ballston, and as an affordable and hospitable environment where area seniors can successfully “age in place”.

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